Our pricing structure is very straightforward and may be negotiable.
  • Work is charged by time. The type of work being undertaken is irrelevent.
  • Travel time is not chargeable, unless previously discussed.
  • All our prices are VAT free.
  • The cost of replacement components must be met by the customer.

Call-out support

  • £60.00 for the first hour.
  • £30.00 for subsequent hours, charged in 30 minute segments.

Online remote assistance, ShowMyPC or similar

  • Now only £25.00 per hour, pre-paid via PayPal.
  • Please contact us to arrange an appointment.
Image of Mastercard and Visa. PCvet is able to accept payment by major credit cards.

Payment options

For payment we accept cash, cheque and major credit cards, processed via PayPal.

Remote assistance must be paid for in advance. Call-out work will be calculated and invoiced after the work has been carried out, payable 14 days after production of invoice.