Viruses and Spam

Image of a padlock and key. offers advice and solutions for spyware and virus protection.If you find your computer is being slow or unresponsive it is possible you are suffering from a computer virus, spyware or other unsolicited software running on your machine.

Viruses and spyware use clandestine methods to install themselves and once operational can interfere with your computer's operation.

At best, it might just present annoying pop-up advertising, however these can sometimes be quite unsavoury.

At worst, the software will make your computer available to the internet after which it can be used by criminals to gather sensitive and personal information about you or to take control of your machine (often without your realising) and use it for illegal or nefarious actions such as mass spam e-mailling, botnet attacks and others. offers a number of solutions for dealing with viruses, spyware, malware, trojans and spam e-mail.